Novaa – Supernovaa

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Executive Producer Yalla She Said Productions // Director & Concept Laura Martinova  Director Of Photography Adriana Berroteran // Creative Producers Irem Avci & Avia Shoshani  Movement Director Marie Zechiel // 1st Assistant Director & Production Coordinator Tatianna Peckham Editor Cristina Carrasco Hernández // Colorist Andrea Gomez // ​​Artist Management Verena Post Local Consulters Petr Svoboda, Tatiana Vomáčková , Bětka Hocková // Gear Rental Company Los Rentalos
“Supernovaa” written by Novaa, Lisa Cause Produced by Novaa Strings by Lisa Cause Mixed by Sebastian Martin Mastered by Julia Borelli
“In The Business” written by Novaa, Louane Produced by Novaa Mixed by Sebastian Martin Mastered by Julia Borelli
“Emily” written by Novaa, Emily Roberts produced by Novaa Mixed by Sebastian Martin Mastered by Julia Borelli
Dancers Diana Salles, Eliška Jirsová, Lenka Gregarová ,Marina Pirnak , Sedric Perry Valentina Migliorati
CREW Steadicam David Růžička  Steadicam Assistant Jakub Herman 1st Assistant Camera Gheison „Tiger“ Yanez 2nd AC Roshan Lakhe Gaffer Enzo Diego Borlando Hipp Best Girl Elisa Daniel Lighting Assistants Swetha Yelamerthi, Rohan Shetty, Vasu Kalra ​​Stylist Esteban Pomar Hair & Makeup Artist Eva Herbohn Hair & Makeup Assistant Anna Dedecek Set Designers Ina Wecken , Mili Sethia BTS Photographer Anika Zachow  Production Assistant Pooja Sampat  Driver Jakob Gunnarson Location “Royal Theatre & Club Chic” Praha 1929 Location Manager Petr Luca Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

She makes fun of life, where everything is illusion, bringing chaos, storms and freedom, no longer afraid of living and taking chances. Iconoclast and sophisticated she freed herself from the past, like an old woman masked as an infant. There are pictures without sound that become strong and positively deafening through body astraction. A vertical line that clarifies a thousand questions with no answer about the immaterial side of life. Together they briefly talk, ganz kurz.Marie Zechiel is a concept artist whose main form of expression is movement. that is seamlessly translated into stage, film, photo and performance work. This is the portfolio of Marie Zechiel – Dancer & performer based in Berlin.

As a movement director Marie Zechiel researches, develops and instructs sophisticated movement and body languages for a project aiming to create a suitable and unique physical narrative that raises production quality and authenticity.
In exchange with the director and team she proposes a motion vocabulary and choreography which fits best to the project’s vision, before she develops specific training methods and teaches all necessary skills to the performers (e.g. actors, singers, dancers, models, extras).
Especially on set with the production Marie Zechiel is a valuable motion supervisor to translate last-minute improvements as a movement director. Her skill-set includes underwater movement, cross-gendered movements and chorus work as well as doing choreographies in different dance styles.
Her field of work is specialised in camera productions such as commercials, music videos, photo shootings but also fashion shows and gallery spaces and the movement mentoring for artists. As a Choreographer and Movement Director Marie Zechiel has been involved in many music videos, commercial shoots and fashion shows. Clients include: VOGUECalvin Klein, Longines, Heidi Klum, Rammstein, Herbert Grönemeyer, Mercedes Benz.